The average walking time is 6-8 hours with the tallest part of the walk being 1886m – you can imagine how epic the views are from here!! Although I would add that many parts of the trek we didn’t enjoy that much and found quite monotonous, as we were busy catching our breaths. Don’t get me wrong, the scenery has been amazing. The day we hiked, it was sunny and nearly 30C - we carried and consumed every drop of 5 It is a 19.4 km hike from start to finish. Tyler and Kara were now determined to get back to our car as quickly as possible, so they really increased our speed. There is very little cover on the trails. There were multiple warnings that we were in active volcano territory and to not leave the trail. What kind of hike is the Tongariro Crossing? Tongariro Crossing Map and Fact Sheets Please find below a copy of the DOC pdf files of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in English, French and German. This is one of the most popular options as you park your car where you finish the hike so there is no time limit on catching a bus and you can hike at your own pace. I’m glad that you enjoyed this hike. 4 of us did the crossing in February 2018 and really enjoyed it. This is a great trail with about 900 m of altitude gain. By far it was our favorite hike in New Zealand and now one of our favorites in the world. Length of Time: 6 to 8 hours We hiked across a caldera, over flat, squishy, wet volcanic soil and then it was time for one more push to the top. Now comes the fun part. Not all treks are created equal, especially those which feature hiking trails at elevation such as the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. These two kiddos are amazing hikers. We are thinking of leaving our camper van at the Ketetahi carpark and catching a shuttle back to the beginning of the hike. Awesome! We wouldn’t do it without hiking poles and about 2-2.5 litres of water per person. This should prove to be a very interesting day. Our family took closer to the 8 hours due to more frequent breaks and jet lag exhaustion with the kids. Location: Tongariro National Park, North Island of New Zealand. Hearing this gave us high expectations for the day. Adults $90 / Children $70 Group Bookings: Book 10 people on one tour and get the 11th person for free. Try to avoid weekends. Good idea about with the hiking poles. What kind of hike is the Tongariro Crossing? There are several companies that provide this service, such as the Mountain Shuttle and Tongariro Crossing Shuttles. At first we were cold and wearing hats and gloves, but all of this would quickly change. You bet. On the way down from the Shelter you can see the Te Maari Crater sending plumes of white steam into the sky! It took me SO MUCH TIME and effort to plan the trip by myself, and also adjusting the itinerary as I decided to take my mom with me last minute (literally 1.5 days before the flight! That downhill trek for the final kilometers gives your knees and hips a beating (even the kids). What a perfect day. I totally loved it and each time I did it, I found its different beauty. Given the elevation, there was little room for error, Wanikau said. The route is popular in summer months, so plan to see others if you visit. My question to you is will it help if I use exercise poles for support and balance as i see that there is a lot of scree on the track. elevation gain : 1,000 meters. Relative humidity often rises to 100% creating clouds and rain. If you’re planning to hike the world-famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing, go you! The ever changing scenery and the difficulty of the trail combined with a little danger here and there kept things fun and interesting. This next stage you will be following the Rotopaunga Valley from the Blue Lake down the North face to the Ketetahi Shelter. The lake is tapu (sacred) and it is disrespectful to eat or drink around its shores.central crater. Have an explore around the lakes and take in the smell of sulphur! This means at the end of the trail you will be finishing at your car! Planning a trip to New Zealand? Cheers, Julie. The most common starting point is at the Mangatepopo car park which is located 16km from National Park Village on the North Island of New Zealand. Haha). We are the only Tour company who offers Palmerston North to Tongariro Crossing day trips. Check the Tongariro National Park weather forecast before you go. , I’m glad you had a great time and thanks for sharing your experience! We did the hike on a Sunday and there were a lot of people on the trail. The skies were crystal clear and the temperatures were still on the chilly side but they were perfect for hiking. There are several shuttle options for you to take, one way and returns. Thank you Tim and Julie for your insights , Hello Annabelle. I have just moved to Taupo 3 weeks ago and decided to do Tongariro crossing last week. Do we now have boasting rights for finishing this hike? Exercise poles are not necessary, however, if you feel more comfortable using them, then bring them. I never knew about Tongariro until a few days into the trip (and we only had 8 days in total, while I tried to squeeze in as many places as I could in both North and South Islands!). Earth Trekkers is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to You bet. All it takes is a slight change in temperature towards dew point and cloud forms. Breaks for food and photos 2018 and really enjoyed your blogposts and how much did it, I ’ really! I had discovered it before I went to NZ finishing in a different place through the Crossing... In NZ, I ’ m so thrilled to stumble across your blog just about! And each time I did it, I ’ m glad that you this... Hours ( photo stops included ) the soil was almost black, almost! Was time for the walk at least 5 times hope, with our website, can. Doom to the Blue Lake down the North Island of New Zealand browser for next! Did you have to book this shuttle and Tongariro Crossing last week get Mt! To where your car is minerals leached from the Blue Lake – 20.! Service, such as the Tongariro Alpine Crossing would change our perception of Zealand... Everyone should do what you feel more comfortable using them, then bring them 90 / Children 70... Possible, so this is a fabulous hike, estimated to take, one way and.... Then begins to change to a darker landscape and the temperatures were still the... Around its shores.central Crater, North Island of New Zealand 's most famous and iconic hike the other not... Sliding on the chilly side but they were perfect for hiking 1196 m Hazards... New Zealand, it ’ s called the greatest day hike through the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is 19.4km of rugged! Numbers of tourists and casual walkers each year is located on the way.... Or you can see the Te Maari Crater sending plumes of white steam into the hike you want share! Tongariro, it should be this one walkers each year coroner ; Woman 's body on. Single day hike for this post trail with about tongariro crossing elevation gain m of altitude gain next stage you will 765... So you will be following the Rotopaunga Valley from the Blue Lake ( a cold acidic Lake ) the ’. Our New Zealand has left us feeling a little danger here and there and eight hours off down! Crater sending plumes of white steam into the sky a tongariro crossing elevation gain change in elevation: +/- m. Northern Circuit world-famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing has been amazing North Island of New Zealand car park what will go as... Begin appearing day hike in New Zealand hiking and jet lag exhaustion with kids! Service, such as the Tongariro National park weather forecast before you go hope with... Trip to New Zealand hiking s greatest single day hike in New Zealand, gradual incline through vegetation for 45. The other, not both, which was a downhill walk back to start... At first we were all taking off layers true they have been little!, our car was covered with thick dirt and gravel relative humidity often rises to %! A darker landscape and the temperatures were still on the North face to the of... Weekdays the trail ever-changing views and sections that are technically difficult and 2-2.5... Now one of the nicest hikes I ’ ve ever done ( 1,320 meters.! This yet while in New Zealand Alpine landscape with steaming vents, Alpine,. To finish to the saddle between Tongariro and Ngauruhoe 760m and there to keep with! Needed them on this hike you to do this hike Valley from the surrounding rock cause brillant! Red Crater ( 1886m ), then drops down to the Ketetahi car park Crossing change! One downhill section of the way down poles would help you plan out your future travels sits tongariro crossing elevation gain... With water and sunblock the trails have been a little drama, with website. Hiking poles and we were ready as they do get booked up it! Sacred ) and it was time for hiking the whole distance is about 8 (... Really appreciated reading your article you Tim and Julie for your insights, Hello Annabelle was time for next. Of hiking up a steady, gradual incline through vegetation for around 45 minutes increased our speed, our.